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You can fix a lot in post, but the one thing an audience can’t ignore is bad sound.

At Big Picture Sound, we specialize in mixing for film and commercials, and have had the pleasure of working with companies of every size. Check out some of our work below then let us know how we can help make your film shine.

We’d look forward to working with you.

At Big Picture Sound we strive to offer competitive pricing, while also providing top-tier quality in all of our work. Whether it is for social, web, or broadcast, our work is timely and professional. We do all of our own mastering as well which is included in the quote.

All work can be expected to be completed within 72 hours, with rush jobs available upon request. 

All prices are agreed upon before work begins and pay is expected half up front, half upon completion.

Big Picture Sound was founded by Ben Helms, who has been working in audio production for almost 20 years. He started out in high school recording local bands on his tiny Fostex MR-8 digital recorder, but it wasn’t long until moved onto recording artists via ProTools in his dorm-room-based recording studio in college.

After years of recording and mixing music, and after studying film in college, he fell in love with sound design. Working with classmates for years on different film projects, and the occasional music song/album, Ben decided to start Big Picture Sound where his primary focus is working with clients and filmmakers, making sure their projects sound as good as possible. 

All mixes are produced in Logic Pro, unless specifically requested otherwise. (Other software includes ProTools, Adobe Audition, and Ableton Live.)

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